Monday, June 29, 2009


So, I'm at work kinda bored because I worked at my other job this morning so I'm extra pooped. I finished some work early and decide to read the Qur'an. This is the only thing I enjoy about technology because when I'm at zee coffee shop/pastry yum yum place, I can read my glorious Word and enjoy decadent coffee shop yum yum products!

Anywho, so I'm reading and I suddenly realized two things:

1. my teacher who said that I shouldn't read the Qur'an until I learn Arabic never returned my email when I asked her about hijab. That was in April. I am not pleased.

2. I can't not read the Qur'an. Why? It's my comfort food (i.e. knowledge). Call me stubborn, but I don't learn languages well, hell, most of my reasons for my dialect or spellings or prononciations is because of the "because" English rule. I MUST READ MY QUR'AN! I was crushed when she told me to practice and not read the [English transliteration] Qur'an. It'll take Allah knows how long for me to effeciently learn QURANIC Arabic, let alone the conversational Arabic I need to learn for my minor.


Purpose: I *heart* the Qur'an and reading it today [at work] made me realize how far I've come, alhumdulilah, but how far I have to go. But nevertheless, considering where I was a little over a year ago, [compromising myself for .... others] Allah truly knows best.


Wallah, with out His guidance, Allah only knows what I would be doing (and who I'm doing it with, yeesh!).

Alhumdulilah! I feel blessed to even have the opportunity to get to this point and insha'allah my iman will grow beyond my imagination! But, I'm still in my learning phase (*ahem* awesome online Qur'an) and I have like one Muslim friend and one Muslim acquaintance. :(

Let me mention that I get nervous around strangers because 1. I don't like strangers and 2. people are mean and I'm sensitive! Anywho, I kinda forgot the purpose of my whole rant on the Qur'an and whatnot, but SUBHAN'ALLAH! It don't matter [awesome English I know this], I'm happy and thrilled and a tad bit emotional because that's what happens when I start feeling all good and whatnot after reading the Qur'an!

SUBHAN'ALLAH! yes, I had to say it again.
This post is officially done.