Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mutant mosquitos and MAYSAA


Its another warmy, toasty day in the Midwest. I think Michigan finally made up its mind about whether or not it wanted to stick to warm weather. thank God because I neeeeeed my dose of sun otherwise I'll be sad and cold all the time. I'll also be stuck wearing stiffling socks that inhibit me from enjoying life because I'll be think about how uncomfortable my toes are.

*sigh* Anywho, I've been so busy with work lately and we finally hired a new lady. alhumdulilah. maybe some of the stress will trickle away from the office now because people were getting OUT OF HAND.

I have a list of random things today that I wanted to inform my beautiful readers:

1. I killed this BIG MUTANT mosquito in my car last night. I'm horrified to go in there now. i don't even know how it got in there in the first effing place!!!!! Luckily i had a box of dyer sheets that came in handy. :)

2. MAYSAA is finally about to crack open in a week I believe. if you have NO CLUE of what I'm talking about check here. She's an amazing designer/blogger and you should check her out. she's starting a nice modest line (of which is amazing and I have been waiting for months to come out).

3. That's all I really had. lol

I must go now lads (is that the right term?), I have to go to work. Enjoy you day if its warm and get a pizza if its cold where you are.


MYGA said...


You have a very nice blog Mashallah :)

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