Friday, August 20, 2010

Random Ramadan post: partie un

So, I'm sitting on the phone on hold for the past... *checks phone*... TWENTY MINUTES, so i figured I could make a quick post since the state has me on hold all day like I have unlimited day time minutes.

*eye roll*

anywho, I feel like this Ramadan has been extremely difficult for me. I don't know why. It's like I've lost all of my patience. *sigh*

.... the state finally answered the phone!! what took so long!

sorry... lol... continuing, I feel really bad b/c I feel like I've lost grasp on the patience i worked so hard to attain. Maybe it's psychological. Another strange thing is that my LOVELY hayfever has decided to come into play. I've been try to drink all of the water and tea in the world during suhur and iftar, but ummm, nothing stops my throats of itching and my weezing coughs. It drives me insane. Maybe I should get that allergy shot. I heard it's amazing. hmmmm. until then, I guess I'm stuck get very expensive allergy medicine because it's the only kind that stops me from coughing and itching and looking perplexed.

this also means that i must avoid all germinating and dying plants and dusty things and moldy things and smoky things and whatever else makes me sound like a man in the morning.

this also calls for a cleaning binge. i'm a bit excited.

So, I'm curious to know if anyone has been having some troubles during Ramadan? please, don't tell me i'm the only one.

good fasting.