Monday, August 22, 2011

Just a random post. I just felt like sayin stuff

Buenos dias -

Its a gorgeous day in Royal Oak and the perfect day to be off from work. We had some intense storms that past couple days and most of Royal Oak is out of power. Insha'Allah it won't be long before DTE can get everything up and running. I'm appreciating the daylight because I'm terrified of the dark. Call me childish, but umm let me tell you what happens in the dark: bugs attack, monsters attack, and not to mention there are plenty of child molesters that may be taking advantage of my very dark and scary complex. Just sayin, darkness = scary things happening.

I figured since I'll be in complete death defying darkness later, I'll run some errands... the fun errands. The errand that includes going to Ulta to find a manicure kit to fix my jacked up cuticles. I also need to go grocery shopping, but Ulta seems like more fun.

Oh, I wanna propose a question: me and a friend were discussing racism the other night and want to know, do you think people spend too much time saying whose racist instead of focusing on each others being? I think so. I wanna hear what you think.

""Roshan <3


Musaafirah said...

Hey, assalamu alaikum wrwb, just came upon your blog, mashaALLAH t3ala its beautiful. interesting stuff!

hope you stop by mines