Sunday, February 28, 2010

I totally get the message, but its the way he talks....LOL


so, the link up there ^^^^^ is probably the funniest video i've seen in a while, but I figured that I could start a lil dialogue about the topic and see if people get the idea of the video.

Feel free to laugh. No on is (or should be) judging you. The way the brothas talk is the reason why its so hilarious. The brotha in the white has the perfect older, semi-arrogant tone and the brotha in the suit has a very relaxed tone, but still kind of comes off as a smart ass because he's just thaaat relaxed. lolllll

So, for the sake of dialogue - if you noticed a brotha without a beard, would you say he's "transgressing the limits of Allah (swt)"? How about a brotha with "long" pants?

P.S. if one of yall gets arrogant, i will start putting people in there place. Dont get wild on here. Be a grown up - have a polite debate.

Salaams and stay snuggly,



LK said...

Weird video. LOL I never heard the thing about the pants before, just the beard.

Dedra said...

lol i know i've seen some brothers with their pant legs rolled up, but I assumed it was b/c of wudu. I'm going to look up that Hadith.

Anonymous said...

Be a grown up - have a polite debate.
well said