Monday, February 22, 2010

A Quick Post Before I Go To Bed Of Which Will Be In List Form Because I'm Too Lazy To Write Sentences

My very sloppy post b/c I am so tired from treading around cold, snowy Oakland County, MI in the midst of a snow storm just to go to work and go get educated.

  1. I think I have an addiction to liquid gel Advil. I take it after work and my joints feel warm and smooth.
  2. I was wiping my shelf thingie and I realize my Quran(s) are very dusty. This is not good. I'm slacking. I have a slip of paper of where I left off reading - I need to get back to that. [p.s. I have two Qurans, one for reading as in to inform myself and one for recitation. please make note and don't piss me off by saying something rude. k? k.]
  3. I have a senile, liberal, Isreali Jewish 74 year-old teacher for English this semester. Yes, it is as controversial as you may think, but she thinks I'm clever. Shows how much yall know. lol
  4. The past 3 weeks were filled with hot, steaming dog poo. I am drained. I'm retiring from life.
  5. I may be considering writing a novel. Not like, 'I'm bored so I stole the idea from Ange', type of thing, but like, 'Ange makes me realize how lazy I've been with my talent that I've been blessed with and I should get back to that at some point before I realize how much talent I've wasted writing papers for teachers who don't give a fudge' type of thing.
  6. I am not a hijabi yet. That's my fault. End of story. Will I explain? No.
  7. Good night. I will post soon. maybe with paragraphs. maybe with pictures. who knows
Salaams and stay snuggly.