Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Eww its rainy and moist and I have to work after class...

WARNING: this post is quite random.
Yesterday was Labor Day, which for me is another random holiday that some random person thought was necessary. I don't know it even matters when a majority of the businesses were open ANYWAY. Kinda contradicts the purpose of laboring individuals resting right? Whatev... anywho, I had THE MOST AMAZING TURKEY BURGER EVER. it was so tasty. made yesterday a billion times better.
Also, I spent WAY WAY WAY WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY too much money within the past five days thanks to school starting and my ever-changing body that won't fit into clothes that are already in my closet. 
I did on the other hand get my own brand spanking new laptop a week ago, so Insha'allah I'll be able to post more and hopefully I'll have the strength to make them more detailed and less time wasters for those of you who regularly check.
OH OH OH and guess what folks - I have (whats that now?) 25 FOLLOWERS! lol 25 is a fav number of mine... don't know why, but yea pretty effing awesome if I say so myself. :D
So, I'm done wasting you time now. Insha'allah I'll be back to fasting and I'll be able to let yall know if I died or not lol.