Wednesday, September 30, 2009

YES I'm still alive and NO I haven't been abducted by creepy old folgies

Hello, readers!
I hope all of you are doing well! Its been I'm not exactly how long since I've posted anything without very large angry words so lol I'm here to let you know I'm alive and kicking alhumdulilah. I've been having a very poopy week and insha'allah it will get better? I don't know, whatever I hope so because I think I'm starting to loose my sanity.
Heres this week's events:
1. I puked 4, count that, 4 times this week! why? because I clearly thought I had an adult system and thought I could pull off take Tylenol extra strength when I can't take anything over 250mg anyway! lol yeaaaa it was pretty sick... lol I was at work sweating and shivering and poopin' and pukin'!! lol {this should totally be an ad to get married right?}
2. I effing forgot about an astronomy quiz that was due on this past Saturday! totally discovered that this morning along with discovering that I have 2 quizzes and an exam due as well... yeaaa online classes can kiss my happy black ass, okay? okay.
3. BABY SHOWER THIS WEEKEND!!! YAY! So, I had bought all of these super cute baby clothes until I realized people were getting things off of the registry, soooo yeaa took then back and Friday I'll go to Target and find some AWESOME! and super adorable... :) yay! a lil cutie!

So, there's an update on my happy lil life (totally not sarcastic here), insha'allah I'll be posting a few more times within the next 70 - ish hours so, enjoy today because you never know-- you could be poopin and pukin and yelling in pain at work, embarrassing yourself in front of patients!! lol yall know that was funny! you can laugh, I'm alive so its all good!


TheRealCat said...

LOL well I'm happy that you're feeling better. Throwing up sucks! Believe me I know! Can't wait to see you this weekend!!