Monday, August 3, 2009

ITS ALMOST HERE! and my boredom disease

I'm doing my whole post in large bold print because I am AMPED for RAMADAN! You could ask my friend CB, but you can't because she won't follow my blog because she's being lazy... and I know she's reading this SO HA!Anywho! Excuse my spelling, I'm typing with a bandage index finger because I was yanking off dead skin out of boredom!!!!! I'll talk about that in a minute. So, yea I'm all super excited for Ramadan! I'm learning some recipes for it so when nightfall hits, I can make some meals for some of my close friends (which is very few cuz everyone will be off at school... boo). I'm trying to get my room in order so I can have personal space to pray, but ummm hmmm ... I don't think my bed feels like moving. My room is like 5 by 5 so there's like no room to think, BUT WHO CARES CUZ RAMADAN COMIN' YALL!!!! I can't wait! *does happy dance* I know, *haram haram*, but you know what... can't none yall see me, so I'm dancin... mentally... cuz I'm at work ... BORED AS HEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLL OMG MY BOSS ISN'T HERE AND I HAVE NOTHING TO DO!!!! ITS FREEZING FROM THE OVERUSE OF AIR CONDITIONING AND I JUST WANNA SLEEP!!! I RIPPED DEAD SKIN OFF OF MY NAIL BED AND IT STARTED DRIPPING [BLOOD] SO THE ONLY PRODUCTIVE THING I DID TODAY WAS BANDAGE MYSELF. ugh. I feel like her...

Except without all the strange old folgie men drooling at my feet *yuck*, I look like her in my cubicle except I'm black...and Muslim...and have a bandaged finger...and i hate socks, so i have on flippy floppies.
telemarketing sucks.
but you know what doesn't?


Skye said...

salaamz sis hehehe very cute post lets all do the happy dance together =p women only but hehehehe

Dedra said...

I'm always down for some happy dancing. I do this weird dance at my other job when I close the office. Its kinda scary. Luckily, the office is 98% women and all the men are gone by 8pm, so 8:45pm comes along and I'm like, OH YEA HAPPY DANCE! lol

NeverEver said...


wow... we could be soul mates!

I have a confession to make... I TOO do the happy dance... :-P And also pick at dead skin when I'm bored.

Dedra said...

awesome!!! i'll buy some bandaids to celebrate!!!