Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Product of the week!

So, I decided that I'm going to start doing Product of the Week because I loooove trying different beauty products ESPECIALLY for my ethnic sistas. No offense to my Caucasion sisters, but its a completely different perplexity when it comes to ethnic hair and skin. Its almost puzzling sometimes, wallahi.

Continuing on, I'm going do a test run for a month and if yall aint feelin it (i.e. not commenting *ahem*), then I won't post them after. :D


Product of the week: Sephone Brand Kohl Expert

This lil' guy is $8.00 US and is my personal favorite! I've never experienced something so smooth and delicate in my life! And not to mention, the color is veryVERY rich, so if you wanna go spooky dark eye, then go ahead! Its perfect for that! I completely recommend this doozy, the only thing is finding a pencil sharpener to fit it. Oh, and let me mention, if you're a smudging gal, then smudge away because its great for smudging which is something that looks ridiculous on me, but stunning on the Arab women here. *sigh* The only thing I could suggest is go with the waterproof, I think the smoothness affects how long it lasts sometimes.
Interested? Buy it here.


Majda said...

I loooooooove sephora eye liner! The best ever! I really do prefer it to much more expensive brands such as mac and urban decay. My favorite little secret. ;D

NeverEver said...

wah??? waterproof pencil eyeliner!?! Why have i never heard of this???

I must have been living under a rock...

Dedra said...

majda: yes sephora not only has amazing products, but smells really nice on the inside. lol
neverever: that must be a hidden rock b/c EVERYONE knows about waterproof. lol

NeverEver said...

*embarassed* seriously!!! I knew about waterproof mascara, but def not eyeliner...