Saturday, August 1, 2009

Grey AGAIN i know you like it

Yes, I did use grey again. I could care less if grey isn't your color. I bet a liter of Pepsi that all y'all look gorgeous in grey. So, embrace and get over it! :D

I loooove grey with random colors. It makes more sense than ice cream and cake... wait, ... hmmm that's too far fetched. Ice cream and cake were created to go together. **drool**


tell me what you think... oh and that random eye liner - I bought THE MOST PERFECT EYELINER THIS WEEK, SO I INCLUDED IT. Its Sephora's brand of Kohl eyeliner. perfection.


Anonymous said...

You know there is this hole which appears inside a person when you do not pray for a long time.what do u think? nothing fills it.


Rubber said...

Do you think that everything which happens to you-no matter how minute...has a reason. like it teaches you something?
am i right?

Dedra said...

I do think that everything happens for reason - its a plan that we know nothing about... and hopefully, we will learn from our experiences, but some people don't; some people use experiences to make excuses.