Friday, July 31, 2009

Incubus x swollen tonsils x nasheeds x scary waitress


I am that crazy.


Sunday night: DTE Energy, awesome friends, a blankey, and weirdo drunks and/or young hippies. What more can I say??? The concert was AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZING!! ugh, I can't even explain the atmosphere. It was peaceful and exciting!!! It might be because everyone was drunk or high [there was plenty of fun plants to go around], but who cares!? No shooting, no fighting, its allll good. :D
Swollen tonsils
So, after my amazing concert experience, I realized my tonsils were a tad tender. Tuesday, they are feeling a lil' round. Then I had a manly man voice going on. I felt awful. I wanted to roll up in crepe and shiver and die slowly. I didn't know what was going on. No one could understand me. I was pathetic... and kinda still am.

While I was working on a special project, I decided to find some motivation music. As I was looking around, I bumped into this excellent website where you can listen and download nasheeds for free, alhumdulilah! Once I remember the name of the website, I'll be sure to post it so all you folks can enjoy it as well.

Scary waitress
Well, as I was downloading said nasheeds and working on said special project, I had an unusual experience with a waitress who obviously hated her job. First, my friend, I'll call her CB (short for creme bruille), noticed this waitress gave her a disturbing look. I laugh because her reaction was kinda funny UNTIL... I was minding my business and I innocently looked up and she was staring me down with this weird expression.
Think of Carrie when she was about to kill all those folks...

yea, yea, that one. THAT WAS THE LOOK.
I hope your life wasn't just wasted from reading about my very non-interesting adventures.
:D Salaam!


Anonymous said...

I wanted to roll up in crepe and shiver and die slowly.