Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Please pay attention in history class

Because you don't wanna be like a particular person whose name I can't remember. So, I'm at work on break because I was on the verge of death and decided to take hold of a seat in the file room. I was reading Ange's blog when my co worker was playing her alternative Christian talk radio station.
So, I was minding my own business, catching a couple of words here and there while "Mr. Radio Man" (that's his name now) was talking about keeping the Christian community together and how that's what Jesus wanted etc, etc. As I was minding my business Mr. Radio Man was talking about the relativity of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. He started off fine saying the were the three largest monotheistic religions and I'm like "okay, Mr. Radio Man", then he said this:

"These religions are considered Abrahamic religions because of their connection with Abraham... I feel this is true for Judaism and Christianity, but not for Islam. I feel this way because Islam is a fairly new religion..."

~~soak that in~~

---ruminate on that---

Now, its not a direct quote, but its 98.9995% correct plus or minus a couple of words, but wallahi thats the shell right there.

I don't even know how to react to this. First, I was like "this effing idiot is effing retarded", but then when I was discussing it with my friend, I realized this dude had absolutely no clue. Its that lack of education that has people thinking that every time a Muslim goes grocery shopping, we're out to take over the world and blow up Christians.

The fact that he made a obvious contradiction could be completely ignored by someone simply because they don't agree with Islam. Fine. I don't care if you agree with Islamic beliefs or not, but a smart person would realize that if Islam is considered a major montheistic religion, how is it not an Abrahamic religion? What god are we (Muslims) worshipping then? Since apparently its not the same God Abraham and Jesus worshipped, it must some complete random moon god or something. Do you understand where I'm going with this? Its logic people need to start using. People are so adjusted to "well this is like this because it is" theory that they won't let go of their ignorance to pay attention to what they are saying or doing.

This is overwhelmingly irritating. I love Islam and I feel blessed and honoured to have to brought to this path of living and because of this, I feel that when someone has a question or has a particular image of Islam that's not correct, I should be the one to educate that person.

I was thinking of calling and telling Mr. Radio Man and telling him Christianity is older than Islam by just about 500 years... not 2,000. Its not like Muhammad (pbuh) was born 50 years ago and was "hey, guess what - y'all ain't living right. God told me to tell y'all that". Then I would ask him that wouldn't he think it's odd that we acknowledge EVERY single prophet/apostle that Christians acknowledge? From Abraham to Job to Jacob to Joseph to Jesus, not one person is underestimated nor ignored in Islam, but SOMEHOW we just don't fit with the Abrahamic religion because we are "fairly new".

Let me make something clear because I know some non-Muslims might come through and read this. You must pay attention to what comes out of another person's mouth. I don't care WHO they are, be smart, use your intellect that God has blessed you with. Don't go around bashing something you don't know about. Gaining knowledge and rejecting ignorance and arrogance pleases our Lord and we all know that, so take advantage of that and learn about your fellow bretherin around you.

Don't be like Mr. Radio Man and just say something that is contradicting and could be harmful for others and mislead your community.

I am done now.


Tuttie said...

people are ignorant sometimes by choice and other times by circumstances. I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt. I studied Christianity before I became Muslim and I am familiar with this school of thought. SubhanaAllah

Anonymous said...

can i add u on msn?im a female.

Rubber said...

im going to this all-christian place and i need muslim sisters on msn to keep me from being brainwashed.i also added never ever, aalia of abu dhabi etc.

Dedra said...

i dont have msn though :(

Anonymous said...

urgh.pray for me.

Nashe^ said...

Ignorance is still prevalent, whether in educated minds or not! :)