Sunday, July 5, 2009

Movie Time!

So, I randomly went to the Blockbuster the other with my best friend/god-sister/most awesome person in the world (tehe) and I was gandering around wondering what these young ones were watchin' nowadays and I bumped into this little guy:
So, I immediately got excited because I had been looking for something to intrigue me... so, I just finished the movie and the whole time, my jaw is like dragging against the ground in awe because the movie was so realistic and very needed.
I hate ruining movies for people, so check it, this is what I'll do...
Zee characters and dey purpoze. So, the Muslim family is Egyptian (*cough* Ange *cough*) and let me tell you they are all just adorable, especially the pop, Mustafa.

This is a ridiculously small picture of him being interrogated in the airport by the FBI (he didn't do a thing, but be adorable). He's the main character who owns a falafel joint in LA and his whole thing is living the "American Dream" so his family can have a nice life in the States and whatnot and let me just say, this man's iman is so strong because considering he kept getting arrested over ridiculous speculations and he still sat and said, "I believe in the country". He's a good one... I was born here and I don't give a rat's tail. lol but that's neither here nor there haha.

Trust me this lil' guy is cuteness. He's Mustafa's son and he's the one who's question why he's Muslim, why did those Muslims bomb those buildings, and so on and so forth. I think his character is pretty precise because I can only imagine how your 11 and 12 year old Muslim brother and sisters felt when 9/11 happened.

This young man is the son who works in the movie industry as an actor. Lately, he had been typecasted as a terrorist (shocker, not) and he finally landed on this wack TV show called American Safety as a doctor, until he went in to rehearse and the had him play as a terrorist instead. That's all I'm gonna tell you about him (and other characters) because that would get me into describing the movie - and I want you to watch it first before I say anything about it.

Moral of the story: SEE THIS MOVIE! This movie wasn't released at American theaters, but I suggest hitting up an online movie site or Blockbuster... whatever floats your boat. Its an awesome movie! Check it out!