Monday, July 20, 2009

oh yea, I'm at work and I'm on Polyvore... again.

So, I'm anxious for school to start and I can't stop thinking of fall fashion... THE BEST FASHION! The varying textures, mixing of colors, and of course the reimergence of HEELS. Yes... drool...

Drool fest #1:

So, I LOOOOVE grey compiled with contrasting colors. mmmMMMmmm it makes me smile. I like wool too, it just makes my skin burn.

Drool fest #2:

Need I say more? The random desk/table thing, I just thought that was sweet lookin' and I wanna go furniture shopping.


clare said...

Ooooh I love both tops!
Fall is the most fashionable season. :D

Dedra said...

yes it is. i ache for fall fashion *sigh*