Monday, July 6, 2009

Come on now ladies

Now, I was talking to my best friend last week, while indulging in some tasty cake, about the BET awards. She happened to mention that Mary Mary was there. I'm like, "oh that's cool. Back in the day, I was a big Mary Mary fan" Then she added that one of them had on "tight leather pantses" <<<>>> So, I'm thinking, those are some pretty thick sistas to be running around singing Gospel with "tight leather pantses". Then I really thought about it - if these sistas are singing Gospel, what happened to the modesty. Just because you at the BET awards doesn't mean all you thighs and whatnot gotta be known too. As far as I'm concerned, modesty isn't just for Muslim [women/men], its for all people.

Especially the thick one... Lawd the wrong man get a gander at those thighs, ALLAH ONLY KNOWS WHAT'LL HAPPEN!

I don't think you understand the importance yet....

Soooooo, you see those tight leather PANTSES! I see em! I see those thighs too! I told my friend that I didn't understand why people made it seem difficult to dress at least DECENT [i.e. no leather pantses and thigh meat]. It really isn't! This can go for my Muslim sisters as well [a few of us are shapely too!], so I found some gawjuss dresses!

As you can see, all of them are floor length and if you're a hijabi [or anemic like moi] get down with some shawls, cardigans, SOMETHING, but there isn't an excuse for sad fashion decisions or compromising your modesty to look fashionable.

*sighs* I'm down now. I feel much better.

I'm bout to eat some cookies.




clare said...

haha "seriously it's not that hard" is right!
Although I have noticed, the really $$$ designer dresses are generally more modest than brands from chain stores. Forever 21 needs to start doing knockoffs of those Tory Burch tunics I can't afford!
Okay, rant over :D Enjoy your cookies!

Dedra said...

lol thats true it would be nice if Forever 21 would make something modest enough - and not cheaply made, but thats a different post.

Holy Crackers said...


Jazakallah Khair for you comment. And I have to say, I enjoyed this post because it's so true. People don't realize the modesty is more than just words, its also in your actions. Insha'Allah, we shall wait for the day they realize.

NeverEver said...


Lol girl I'm not kidding... soul mates.