Sunday, August 23, 2009


How's the beginning of Ramadan going for you so far readers???
Hopefully, Allah is making it easy for you.... :)
As I promised, I would post about my first Ramadan experience. Yesterday, I messed up lol... I couldn't take it... I ate pretzel crisps 2 hours prior to fast breaking :-/ I took a nap and woke up and felt SOOO GUILTY... ugh!
So, today... today is soooo much better. Probably because I ate suhoor... which consisted of left over trail mix and water lol. yea, that didn't do much, but better than yesterday where I had air for suhoor!
Anywho, I'm really enjoying my first Ramadan even though I eat iftar alone and junk... its all good. Its only day two, insha'allah something magical will happen and I'll be eating iftar or suhoor with someone! lol
Its kinda rainy and moist here in Michigan which is very calming and is keeping the grumbles under raps for the time being. :)
Insha'allah, I will have more entertaining things to discuss about my FIRST Ramadan! :D
I love you all for the sake of Allah...


Anonymous said...

Assalamu Alaykum sister..

I did not read your other posts. ..
I just read your comment on kimdonesia blog about bollywood film om shanti om..
Being you a converted Muslimah,i am overwhelmed by reading your intense and honest faith in islam..

Loneliness becomes a part of any new Muslims until they get into Muslim sisters, husband or family.

But you are closer to Allah now.

You are not alone coz Allah is with you. Who is better friend than Allah?

Dedra said...

jazakallah khair Qamar,
i really appreciate those words and you did make me realize how lucky i am to be so much to Allah than i was in the past.
thank you so much.
i hope you are having a successful ramadan.